What type of Massage do you do?

I use various techniques during a massage session. My massage training encompasses Swedish massage (lighter, more relaxing, warms the tissues), deep tissue (slow, detailed work) and additional training working with sports related injuries. All of these techniques can be used in combination based on your needs.

I am sensitive to scents. Do you have unscented products?

Yes, I will make sure to use unscented products and have no scented candles burning that could cause irritation.

Will bodywork hurt?

No, bodywork does not need to hurt to be effective. I realize clients have different pain tolerance and expectations so will check in with you during the session. However, when treating some conditions, a bit of discomfort may be felt.

How do I prepare for my session?

I suggest not eating a heavy meal right before your session. If possible, come newly showered.

Do I have to listen to massage music?

No! Bring your IPod and we can play your music. I enjoy the versatiliy.

Will I be draped?

Yes, for your comfort and to abide by my code of ethics, you will be draped always. Blankets are always available if you tend to be cold. If you are warm, the room temperature can be adjusted.

Do you use organic oils and lotions?

I am currently using a pesticide free jojoba oil in my massage sessions. This oil is scent free. When doing Lomi Lomi massage, I will use a different unscented oil based on need.

What if I have to miss a scheduled appointment?

I understand that things come up in our everyday lives, but do have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please read the policy page for more detailed information.

It’s snowing! What do I do?

If I haven’t already made contact, please call. I let it up to the client to do what they feel comfortable doing. I keep an eye on local school closings and continue from there.

I feel sick! Should I come for my session?

That will depend. If you have a minor cold, headache, or sinus problems, massage can help. If you have anything contagious, a fever, open wounds or severe rashes or poison, plan to reschedule. If you are not sure, it is best to call ahead and check in.

Should I schedule my massage on the same day as donating blood?

It would be best to not donate before getting a massage. Donating blood causes blood pressure to drop and combined with massage could become dangerous.