Massage can make you feel better because it seems to affect almost everything your body does. Bodywork may improve muscle function, expand range of motion, reduce stress and just plain make you feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.

Countless medical conditions will benefit from professional massage. Many clients with sleep problems often are amazed at how well they will sleep the same night they received a massage, even if the massage was hours before bedtime. For those who suffer from headaches, massage of the neck and shoulders can help tremendously. We all suffer from tension and aches in our backs but there is no need to continue to suffer. Even a 30 minute massage can ease those pains and keep you pain free.

For the sports enthusiast, receiving regular massage can keep you on top of your game. Prevention is the key to that big sports event and massage will help decrease your risks of muscle spasms and sprains/strains. Even if you suffer an unfortunate injury, massage can decrease your healing time and get you back into training.

Many people in our society are stressed to the extreme. Work, family, community needs all pile up, making our lives hectic. Taking some time away from it all, escaping into the privacy of the massage session, can make things easier to deal with. Letting our minds drift, the body relax...... then remembering that same feeling a few days later! The benefits of a relaxing massage will continue as long as you do not forget that feeling.